All the data you need at a glance
Plan for future gameweeks


Real time bonus
Real time points
Real time league standings
A popup match center with a hall of fame league.
= the browser extension for
Live points
With myfpl all points and league standings are calulated in real time, that is to say:
  • Auto subs are made in real time
  • Bonus is calulate and added in real time
  • Transfers are netted

Know how your doing in real time.
Player data
View the following for all players:
  • Upcoming fixtures and their difficulty
  • Ownership
  • Penalty order
  • Expected points
  • Price changes
  • Number of transfers in and out
  • Real time bonus points

Have the right data to make the right decision.
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Plan your team
Plan your team lineup for all future gameweeks naturally with all the data you need.

For the rest of the season
myteam gif.
Enjoy real time leagues with interesting data on your opponents such as:
  • Total captain points and Total captain points if always used vice
  • Their captain and vice captain
  • Chips played and hits made
  • Their live team

All on one page.
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Match center
A match center to check:
  • The scores
  • Your team
  • Your head to head matches

And a hall of fame league containing the fpl teams of current and past, footballers and pundits.

All in one click.
popup hof popup h2h